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Package Receiving Services

How does it work?
You must call or come into the store to sign up, but once you do you will have all of your packages sent to your new address. As each package arrives, we will scan it into our system, which will automatically send you an email. Once you get the email, just stop by the store and request your package. You will even get your own private web log in to see what packages you have and what you have already picked up.

What are the requirements?
In order to qualify for this service, we require only two things:

  1. You MUST have an email address
  2. You MUST have a credit/debit card

Why can't I get regular letters?
This service is for packages only. If you need more, consider our mailbox service.

What if I am out of town?
We require that you pick up your boxes within 3 days, but we can be flexible if you notify us in advance of a trip.

Can I get other items?
Yes, you can get hand deliveries or even dry cleaning, but you are limited to 10 items per month.

Can my spouse/friend pick up for me?
Yes. Please let us know in advance.

Are there any restrictions?
The Item must fit in our door, must NOT be a letter, and must not be hazardous.

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Manhattan Mailroom  
East Side

First Avenue / 81st Street

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