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Shipping Service Choices

Shipping Services
Multiple Carrier Choices

What makes Manhattan Mailroom's Shipping Services unique?

There are few places left that let you choose your own shipping carrier anymore. At Manhattan Mailroom you have your CHOICE of DHL, FedEx, Ground, US Mail, Bike Messenger, or Freight.

Packing service
We can custom pack your precious item onsite with utmost care and professionalism. Why worry about the safety of your items? Let us take care of the packing; you have enough to worry about.

Streamlined Claim process
If we pack it & ship it, it is COVERED for claims, period.

One Stop Shopping
You have to copy a contract, & FedEx it to your lawyer. Then you need to box and send a gift to your niece, mail your bills, buy stamps. Oops it seems you need to messenger house keys to your forgetful spouse too? No problem. One place.

Professional and courteous staff
Our staff prides itself on service. If you come back to our store more than once, don't be surprised if we greet you by name on the way in.

Shipping Carrier Choices

FedEx was originally conceived as a Business School project. The professor hated it. Undaunted they founded the company anyway and quickly became the most reliable shipping company on Earth. They bought RPS a few years ago to add ground to their service offerings.

DHL has been in the international shipping business longer than almost anyone. They bought Airborne Express a few years ago to establish a Strong US presence and to add US Ground Shipping to their list of services.

The United States Postal Service
Founded by the Colonial congress and originally headed by Benjamin Franklin the USPS has a long and proud history. It is still by far the most efficient and cost effective way to send small letters and parcels under a pound.

Breakaway Courier Systems started in 1988, determined to create a new standard for the messenger business in New York. They worked hard and have succeeded in having terrific response times and courteous messengers.

Manhattan Mailroom uses each of these methods and a few more, because each carrier has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance if you need to ship to Cuba, It is going to have to be DHL. They aren't US owned so are free to ship there. If you need to pay a stack of bills, the Mail is really the only thing that makes economical sense. If it absolutely has to be there overnight, FedEx, but if it needs to be in Mid-town TODAY, Breakaway. There is no one carrier who can do all of this so we think it just doesn't make sense to offer just one carrier.
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Manhattan Mailroom  
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